Hi there & welcome to my blog!

I’m Dae & this is my little corner of creative escapism. By day I’m working on my corporate career but in my freetime I like to design, paint and letter. So far I have no formal education in art but enjoy the process of creating nevertheless. If you have any feedback or tips for me, please share. They’re more than welcome!

Art has always been my first love, pretty much from the moment I could grab crayons and brushes. I’ve since dabbled in watercolors, pastel chalks, sketching, photography, pottery, polymer clay, wood etching, card making and handlettering… In short: if it’s stocked in an art store, I’ve probably tried my hand at it. Some passions have become constants in my life, like journalling and painting. I’m building this blog to have a visual record of what I create. In addition I want to work on my shyness of sharing my creative output.

You can also find me on tumblr where I curate inspirating visuals & on instagram. Say hi over there, I’d love to have a look at the creative things you’ve come up with! I’m a minimalist goth at heart & love a lot of things in life: I believe in collecting thoughts and memories that make us feel alive. I believe that minimalist art does not have to be boring, that black is universally flattering, and that opposites compliment one another. I believe that it is both a privilege and a necessity to express ourselves through art.

On this blog I’ll share my craft and art projects, related musings & the neverending struggle of being a creative person with a minimalist soul.

Join me on my quest to make life more beautiful & darker, please.