watercolors and handlettering: less than perfect

Today I’m sharing a new watercolor and handlettering card with you. As you can see, the topic of perfection and my own progress is still keeping me up at night. It has been a strange few months for sure. I think it is very tempting to compare yourself a lot due to social media.

It’s not so much about lifestyle for me, more about art and artistic output. Part of me knows that it is highly unrealistic to expect the sheer volume of output, and the progress related to practice from myself. I have a demanding fulltime job, and I need my sleep – plus, I also want to keep my social contacts alive and well. It is not feasible to dedicate set amounts of time daily. There is a lot of pressure in the shape of “productivity tips” and life hacking, and many articles seem to say “If you just wanted it enough you would make time, not excuses”. I’m torn, I love the motivation they can provide, but I also see how damaging this sort of mindset can be.

Sometimes that extra half hour of sleep is more important than practicing handlettering or figuring out a new design program.

So for now I am doing this entire thing as best as I can. I will have wildly creative days where I will jot down many ideas. And there will be days when nothing seems to flow, despite having time and feeling like doing something creative. The output will vary, and I am learning to accept that. It is tough, especially knowing how good creating is for me, and yet not getting around to doing it very much. But in the end, all that matters is that I have a hobby that brings me joy. It really is like having a home for my soul, that I can access when I need it.

I don’t want to turn it into another competition – and it really isn’t. This is a reminder that I need frequently. I am living my life, not someone else’s. In addition I need to remind myself that my handlettering or my pictures don’t need to be perfect. They will always be a little rough in some places, I am still learning after all. But it doesn’t matter. Less than perfect, still fine. Truth be told, this is advice I need to tell my self on a lot of things…

For this watercolor and handlettering “less than perfect, still fine” card I used:

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