metallic watercolor handlettering: dreaming heart

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything I created. Today I have a new metallic watercolor handlettering piece “dreaming heart” for you.

What I wrote in one of my past posts still holds true to an extent. The break that I took from creating things was still a good first step to disentangle myself. I’ve had a few hectic months, and over the course of the past weeks have gotten back some semblance of normalcy, for which I am thankful. With more regular sleep/work schedules my creativity slowly returned as well. And then… I started making things again: I took photographs, I tried elaborate makeup. Watercolors got dusted off. Words, ideas, poems, entire stories came to me.

And I shared nothing of it. Not with my closest friends, not with you. And somehow, the more I kept these things to myself, the more joy I found in the process of creating. Gone were thoughts of others’ potential opinions. I was back in that wonderful zone of possibility.

Work is picking up again these days, but I am making a conscious effort to keep a balance. And I feel like sharing again – a little bit at least. Not everything, but that is okay. But tricking myself into creating without the intent to share any of it has taken a lot of pressure off. There is a certain freedom and ease to it. I can truly only recommend trying this, in case you feel pressured to “create content”. It is so easy to want too much, too fast, to juggle a hundred responsibilities in your life. It is difficult to not be influenced by what I see online, for sure.

But this is my little life, and I will go at my own pace – certainly a bit slower than many others, but all that matters is that I am going regardless.

For this metallic watercolor handlettering dreaming heart card I used:

  • rico design brushes
  • dark blue cardstock – painting on colored cardstock gives a different, more intense look, which I enjoy a lot
  • pelikan watercolors for the base layer of color
  • fine-tec shimmer watercolors for the handlettering
  • wow! heat tool (optional, for drying the layers)

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