planner weekly: pastel goth colors

Today I’m sharing another weekly spread in my Happy Planner with you. It’s been a while since I’ve shared any of my planner details, and quite a bit has changed.

First and foremost: I’ve been meaning to change the binder discs for sometime now. The original clear pink 1.25in discs of the planner were pretty, but just not my style. Initially that didn’t bother me too much – the color contrast of black, white and hot pink is kind of pretty. But over the past months it started bothering me more. It’d hard to come by “me and my big idea”-items where I live, so I rely on online shopping. However, I couldn’t find a store selling 1.25in discs in black! I didn’t want to switch brands for the discs, since I really like mambi’s quality & style.

Spontaneously I decided to simply buy 0.75in discs, and see how much I could fit onto them. It turns out that 6 months fit onto the rings easily, even when adding a lot of additional pages. Currently I carry eight months (january up to august) on the planner, plus additional folders and notes pages. I love the slimmer look and feel, especially since I carry my planner around a lot.

I’ve been thinking about where I want to take the planner style-wise as well, and have experimented with my layouts over the past weeks. I’ve tried different colors and designs alike, but I do keep coming back to central themes. I’m a goth at heart, and while I like to experiment, there are colors and themes that feel like “home”. I have re-done all divider tabs, for example, to better suit my aesthetics. Just as with many other things in life, it is entirely what you make of it. I’ve been a bit adrift over the past month or so – I’ve been quite sick to be honest, and it has affected my energy levels immensely. Now that I am finally feeling on the mend, I am cautiously optimistic about picking things up again.

For this weekly spread I went with some of my favourite pastel goth colors – soft lilacs, blue und turquoise hues. In addition I used black washi tape with moon & star patterns in silver and a gemstone sticker. I love the pastel planet sticky note! It adds such a dreamy note with soft colors and the beautiful print. It was nice to break out colored pencils to add a few details to the page, and I want to do this more often in the future.

For this weekly spread pastel goth colors I used:

  • mambi – the happy planner: 12 month box kit “best days”
  • happy planner 0.75in discs in black
  • happy planner stamp & rico design stamp
  • black & silver washi tape off ebay
  • slim washi tape, gemstone sticker and planet sticky note off aliexpress

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