alternative DIY series: washi tape storage

I’ve shared a few upcycling ideas in the past, and since I like them a lot, I will turn them into a series. There is something immensely satisfying about finding new ways of using things. Even more so, if it is something that is useful and beautiful to look at.

I am striving for a very clean and minimalist overall look in my home. This preference in decor drives a lot of my choices when it comes to storage solutions. I have read Marie Kondo’s minimalist bible on tidying up – and have reduced my wardrobe by at least 30%. I’ve also mercilessly culled a number of other possessions, but there is one big part of my life that doesn’t lend itself to minimalism: art. Anything related to painting, journalling, planning is immensely difficult to let go.

Over the years I’ve tried many different crafts. I’ve painted large canvasses, I’ve tried working with polymer clay, I discovered art journalling. All of these wonderful pursuits have left behind equipment. I have kept pretty much all of it, and it is the one thing I can’t compromise on in the name of minimalism (so far). So I need pretty good storage systems to make it work.

This alternative DIY is pretty much one of my favourites, since it ticks all my boxes: creative, easy, cheap, and very very useful. I never thought I’d get so much into washi tapes, but they are so easy to use. They instantly add character to all projects and I love how there is a virtually endless selection to pick from. On the downside that also means I order them as a little treat more often than strictly necessary. In a relatively short time I’ve collected a number of washi tapes, and storing them was a bit annoying really. However, I remembered that muji has these minimalist, semi-seethrough containers for cling-wrap and the washi tapes fit pretty much perfectly. I removed the blade carefully, since I won’t use it for my washi tapes anyways. Et voilĂ : a pretty, minimalist storage solution for my tapes.

For this alternative DIY washi tape storage I used:

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