valentine’s musings & a simple foiled card

So Valentine’s day is upon us. And maybe you don’t have anyone special in your life. Or, like me, you can’t be with any of the people you care about today. (Hey, some of us have to work.)

Either way, I feel like many holidays can really put a dent into emotional wellbeing. I’ve never liked the idea that any particular date requires me to feel a specific way, since this is not how my feelings work. I doubt this is how feelings work in general. You can’t demand them. You may coax them, but in my experience advertisement and social pressure don’t work for that either.

Thus, todays’ card is the quiet whisper. It is the love that does not seem obvious. The happiness in everyday occurrences. It is the flowers in the shop you only ever pass by. It is sunlight streaming in on lazy sunday mornings. A good book, a good TV series. Bubble baths and realizing that any pain will pass. It is memories of summer. Hands curling into one another, the perfect pasta and a tall glass of water when thirsty. It is the love buried deep inside, even when all seems lost. It is getting up when feeling exhausted and hopeless. Standing on the shoreline and remembering that waves roll always. Love doesn’t always show up with two dozen red roses.

For me, love is the happiness of a day well spent. Me, lost in whatever I am creating at that moment. Love doesn’t need to show up in the shape of another person. It shows up in what brings you joy, what lights you up, what keeps you going another day.

I don’t care what you call it – love, hope, calling, purpose – but I am wishing for you to remember this feeling, right now. I hope you are well.

For this simple foiled card LOVE I used:

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