DIY watercolor and handlettering upcycling of pencil cases

This week is DIY-heavy! Not my usual fare, but please bear with me. These days everything I see seems to have hidden DIY-potential – thus the watercolor and handlettering upcycling of pencil cases.

If you’re anything like me, you probably own way too many pens and pencils. They multiply when I’m not looking, honestly! Over the years I’ve tried to thin the lines, but while gel pens and the like dry out, colored pencils don’t ever “go bad”. I am having such a hard time justifying throwing them out – they don’t take up too much space, and who knows if I might need this exact shade again… So I keep them. Most of the storage isn’t pretty, either. I own huge pencil cases which make finding specific colors difficult, and slim tin cases which are completely uninspiring. The other day I came across these cases, and the looks of them were nagging at the back of my mind.

So instead of accepting their branded original looks, I decided to simply upcycle them. It isn’t difficult at all, all you need is some paper, colors and brushes and some clear tape. Using the cases as a guide for transferring the sizes onto the paper was quick, I then painted two different covers. One is a simple ombre for my metallic pencils. The second is a more colorful watercolor cloud design for watercolor pencils.

After drying I handlettered the diffenrent pencil types on top, just so that I will know what’s where in the future. I wanted to use some self adhesive clear foil to add the paper to the cases, but couldn’t find it. So instead I switched to using clear tape, the kind that’s usually for taping huge parcels shut. It worked just fine as well!

For this DIY watercolor and handlettering upcycling of pencil cases I used:

  • rico design brushes
  • watercolor paper
  • pelikan watercolors for the base layer
  • fine-tec shimmer watercolors for the handlettering
  • clear tape
  • wow! heat tool (optional)

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