handlettered watercolor labels for homemade jam

Some time ago I first posted a set of handlettered labels I made for some homemade jam. This time around I made handlettered watercolor labels. I truly am using watercolors for everything these days.

The other handlettered labels I made were more minimalist. Using very bright colors and color combinations this time around made me slightly nervous. But always sticking to what is most comfortable won’t leave much room for developing, right? And as I am still practicing using watercolors, I decided to simply go with it.

I am undecided wether or not I will keep these, thus I used tape to stick the labels to the jars. This will make it easy to switch them, in case I want to re-do them. That’s a part I really like about little DIY projects like this one, I can scrap them anytime I don’t feel like it anymore. I might have design-commitment issues, haha. To have something so colorful in our shelves is indeed a little weird, as my usual decor is exclusively in muted tones. But so far I am enjoying the little pops of color.

While the labels were fun to make, I had a couple of  issues. I used canson paper from one of my art journals. Previously I’ve never had issues with the paper, but this time around there was a lot of color transfer once I dried the labels. I only noticed after I handlettered already.More accurately I noticed while I was handlettering, as the colors were smudging badly! To settle the colors I decided to coat them with hairspray (instead of an actual fixing spray, since I don’t have one). However that made the brushpen ink bleed terribly – not a good look. In the future I’ll test the spray on scrap paper with the same colors before using it. Oh well.

It seems like trying new things in art is pretty much like trying new things in life in general… Occasionally an idea is MUCH better than the outcome. My hope is that a few months, years down the line I will be able to look back at old projects, and see the progress I made.

For these handlettered watercolor labels I used:

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