Valentine’s watercolor & dies card: you & me

It’s February and thus Valentine’s month. Valentine’s day has not been a big thing for me, and I don’t remember much fuss about it being young. Around the time I was a teenager, I became more aware of it. Or maybe companies started to advertise it more agressively? Because I have great priorities, I mostly love the chocolate sales after V-Day. To this day I prefer to have a nice dinner, maybe some flowers, instead of making it into a huge deal. But I do like to make cards, and will make a couple of happy-feelings-related cards. You may or may not use them for Valentine’s, or make and send them just because.

First up is this black & watercolor combo. A while back I posted an “accidental” card, made from a watercolor painted background and die cut letters. Today’s card is the card I intended to make. However, I got so distracted with using the “leftovers” when I was die cutting, that I forgot about the letters. Do you keep die cut papers? I haven’t really found a good storage solution to keep them. For now they are stashed in an empty pencil case, but “out of sight out of mind” really does apply here. As soon as I don’t see my art supplies or have a good idea of what’s still in storage, I tend to forget.

That’s cool, because it means that diving into my stash of papers and die cuts and colors is almost like a treasure hunt. But it’s also really annoying because occasionally I will forget about a really nice thing that I wanted to make. This card is one of those forgotten ideas. While going through my stash of die cut papers for art journalling I found these letters.

It is truly a very quick card to make, but the watercolor keeps it interesting none the less. Personally, I don’t like very busy cards, but simple designs can quickly turn out a bit boring. Adding a fun element like watercolors really helps with this.

For this watercolor and dies card “you & me” I used:

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