watercolor & embossing card: celebrate!

For me the year always kicks off with a number of birthdays lined up. Somehow, a lot of my family and friends are born in January and February, so it’s time to celebrate!

This is a very easy and quick card to make, and I love that there are basically no limits to the color combinations. I chose a very classic dark grey and muted gold combo. This combination looks elegant and still sparkly enough to not be boring. The first step was adding a generous amount of water to the cardstock with a large brush. I then picked up dark grey watercolor on a smaller brush and added it onto the water.

This is the quickes way to achieve the typical “watercolored look”. It produces the most lovely color blends. A second color can be added as well, I just wanted to stick with one. As per usual when I am working with watercolors, I used my wow!-heattool to dry the watercolor quickly. I cannot rave enough about how having this option has changed my productivity (and mood, haha). Waiting for paint to dry is majorly frustrating for me, therefore I the heattool has become a staple in my crafting routine.

On top of the watercolor I added embossing in gold. I’ve picked up a couple of clear stamp sets with sentiments. While I am not a huge fan of most designs available, very simple ones like this are very versatile. They are also great for any bad-handlettering-day. Sometimes my letters come out somewhat odd, no matter how many times I try, and to save both my cards and my sanity, I switch to stamps on those days. Try as I might, I feel uncomfortable with pre-making birthday cards and keeping a stash. It just seems impersonal. Thus, my cards usually get made right before a birthday comes up, and sometimes even pretty last-minute. Stamps are a good fallback option for those times.

My embossings still don’t turn out perfect, but I am working on it – it is a lot of fun to do, and that’s what counts most.

For this watercolor & embossing “celebrate” card I used:

  • rico design paperpoetry cardstock
  • wow! embossing ink pad & heat tool
  • “celebrate” stamp (no name from ebay)
  • wow! embossing powder in gold rich metallic regular

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