DIY: upcycle pens with washi tape

Today’s blogpost is a super simple DIY to upcycle pens. Ever since I read Marie Kondo’s popular book, I’ve been a big fan of some of her clutter avoiding tactics. In “The life changing magic of tidying up”, she describes many concepts which intuitively made sense to me. One of the easiest tricks to avoid clutter is to not take any freebies with you, as most likely they are things which will gather dust in some corner or drawer.

I’ve been following this trick dilligently, and it has made a huge difference. To take it a step further, I’ve thrown out/ donated all the corporate gifts I’d received before as well. Anything that didn’t match my aesthetics and had no use had to go. Simple as that. I used to take things with me if I got them as free samples etc, but really it just turned out to be clutter. It’s great to let go of all the things accumulated in this way, and it feels even better to not bring them home at all.

However, there has been one exception. The black pens you can see in the picture were freebies, and as such had logos printed on them. I truly can’t resist all black art supplies, so I brought them home with me. In the past I’ve tried to cover the prints with paint, but it tends to flake off. If a logo is etched in, paint might cover the color, but won’t hide the markings.

With this DIY, upcycling freebie pens – and any pens you like, really – becomes super easy. All you need is washi tape of your choice. I used different galaxy design washis, since they give such a lovely contrast to the all black of the pens. It worked best to add the tape as visible on the topmost pen – wrapping them with two longer strips. For that little extra, I added handlettering in white gel pen, and I love how it turned out!

Adding the washi tape should be no problem for sharpeners. But if you’re concerned about that, you can easily peel off the washi again. This will also make it easy to change up the design again, if you feel like something new.

For this upcycle DIY I used:

  • black pens
  • washi tape
  • rico design white paperpoetry gel pen

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