layering iridiscent watercolors: “hope” card

I really love the pearl watercolors of my new finetec palette! I got them for Christmas, and am still figuring out how to use them best, so far I’ve handlettered with them and made planner stickers. Today I wanted to share a little experiment: I layered the finetec colors on top of “normal” watercolors.

The finetec palette which I got contains some very opaque colors and a handful of sheer shimmer colors. Used by themselves on white paper they are almost invisible. Their shimmer becomes visible only when the light hits the paper at the right angle – but then they are stunning! I read that on black paper the sheer colors show up more, but I wanted to try something else first.

I painted a small piece of watercolor paper with my usual colors, and dried it with my wow!-heattool. This tool has really become a staple whenever I am painting, I simply don’t have the patience to wait for watercolor layers to dry… I can only recommend it, in case you get annoyed with waiting as easily as I do. But back to the card, after the first layer had dried I used a masking pen to spell out HOPE. Again, I dried the masking pen using the heattool, taking care not to overheat the masking fluid (it shouldn’t form bubbles). Once everything was set, I added washes of different iridiscent finetec colors. I used blue, green, pink and violet shimmer on top. After drying this final layer, I peeled off the masking tape.

I have to say I like how it came out, altough the masking pen left a bit of a discoloration. I might have been overzealous when drying it, next time I will be more careful. It just is really difficult to catch the colors on camera. Maybe I can find some tipps on how to photograph them better for the next time, because my photos really don’t do the colors justice.

For this slayering iridiscent watercolors card “hope” I used:

  • rico design brushes & paperpoetry cardstock
  • pelikan watercolors for the base layer
  • masking pen
  • fine-tec shimmer watercolors for the top layer
  • wow! heat tool (optional)

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