watercolor & handlettering card: there is hope on the horizon

Today I am sharing another watercolor and handlettering card “there is hope on the horizon”.

Since I discovered painting on colored cardstock, I have tried more watercolor combinations. It is interesting to see how the colors turn out, as some of them seem more brilliant. Others, however, blend into the background and add more depth. I’m glad I picked up watercolors again, even when I was a little hesistant at first. But now I am back to painting with them a lot – and re-learning their colors, to mix them and layer them.

I wish I had more time and could paint more elaborate things on a daily basis, but currently my schedule is crazy full. To be honest, it doesn’t feel sustainable (and my friends have told me the same). Some of the 2017 resolutions, and I am using that term loosely, were to find more of a balance. Balance is sorely lacking from a number of aspects in my life – not just work/life. I have a tendency to get really involved in projects. My type a ambitiousness can lead to slightly crazy goalsetting… Like when I decided I would save almost half of my income in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good challenge. However, I feel like last year I maybe made it unnecessary difficult for myself to meet my own standards.

For this year, I want to hit the breaks a little bit. Assess where I am at, and instead of going fast, determine where I actually want to go. There is this nagging little feeling that something is missing in my life. I can’t say what exactly, or even what it might be. But I do know that there is some definite soul searching to be done. And the painting, the creating of things, it helps with this feeling. It does feel like I am on the right path, whichever one that may be – I feel like there is hope on the horizon. This feeling is in this card. Deep, dark blues have always been comforting to me, and the gold just adds that little extra sparkle.

For this watercolor and handlettering “there is hope on the horizon” card I used:

  • blue cardstock
  • rico design brushes
  • pelikan watercolors
  • wow! heat tool (optional – I use this to dry the watercolors)

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