black & gold embossing card: “you are amazing”

It’s been too long since I made a black card! I actually ran out of black cardstock for a while – it truly is my favourite color… Today I am sharing a black & gold embossing card with you.

Embossing cards using stamps is truly the quickest way to create beautiful cards. As I’ve written before, I sometimes struggle with how stamped cards can feel a bit impersonal to me. However, you can’t beat them as time saving, and they produce very consistent cards. If I ever need to make more than 5 cards of the same type, I would definitely pick embossing.

This card is a bit of a special one, since I got the stamp from one of my best friends for Christmas. I thought it would only be fitting to make a card for her. Juli has a beautiful blog over at, if you like sewing DIYs, check it out! Gold on black is still one of the most stunning contrasts for cards. And while I wouldn’t wear gold, I really like to paint using gold as well. The contrast on paper just works out better than silver, which is the most difficult metallic color to photograph. It usually comes out very flat in photographs, whereas gold retains some dimension.

But back to this card – I bought an embossing kit a while back which contained mainly WOW! products. I have to say I am so happy with the quality plus, they were literally the only brand I could find that made black heat tools. Despite my colorful cards (and an even brighter Instagram feed) I prefer simple black for my personal belongings. Over the past year I’ve made it a priority to buy only art supplies that I enjoy looking at whenever possible (because otherwise, what’s the point?). Very simple, compact yet functional designs always win. I used the kit for this card as well. Embossing is still a bit tricky to me, and I haven’t been able to produce very clean results. But is is a lot of fun, and practice will likely help to figure out the details.

For this black & gold embossing card I used:

  • rico design paperpoetry cardstock
  • wow! embossing ink pad & heat tool
  • “you are amazing” stamp (I don’t know the brand)
  • wow! embossing powder in gold rich metallic regular

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