planner DIY: metallic watercolor planner stickers

I used to post my bullet journal weekly spreads, but since I’m the process of switching planners, I don’t have any spreads to show currently. Instead, I thought I’d share a planner DIY for easy metallic watercolor planner stickers!

As I said before, preparing the next week on Sundays has become one of my favourite little rituals. There are so many beautiful accessories available for bullet journals, but DIY is always a more fun option, right? I bought label stickers off ebay, and experimented a little. (If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen some peeks in an IG Story)

The good news is: making your own watercolor stickers is super easy. The even better news is: it is so much fun, you will have no trouble whipping up more than enough for a week, or even a month. As you can see in the picture above, all you need is: label stickers, metallic watercolors, a brush and a gel pen.

First up, for metallic colors add a bit of water to the pan, and let it sit for a minute. This will make it easier to work with the colors and get anything from opaque to lighter washes of color. For me it worked best to first paint the labels using only water first. Despite not being made of watercolor paper it helps to achieve that watercolor effect on the labels. After the thin layer of water, I first added the lighter color all over. While still wet, dab a darker color onto roughly half of the label. If the color gets too dark, just add more water to blend the colors. Alternatively, you can also pick up some water or color with a paper towel.

Let the watercolors dry – or, if you’re impatient like me – use an embossing heattool to dry them quickly. Since the stickers have adhesive on the back, I would recommend being careful and avoiding too much heat. Moving the heattool around while drying should take care of that.

Once the watercolor has dried completely, it is time to add any description you like! It really is a lot of fun, and I found that anything from symbols to a few words will fit. It can be somewhat of a challenge to write on top of metallic watercolors, but gel pens should do the trick. I love the combination of watercolor ombre and opaque white handlettering, so that’s what I chose here. Usually I trace the words a second time, and if needed a third time, for a full opaque white. Let the writing dry and peel off the sheet around the labels.

It really is so easy to make metallic watercolor stickers for your planner. I love how these turned out, and will definitely make more! This will also work with non-metallic watercolors, but I can’t recommend these metallic colors enough. They are beautifully pigmented and have a lot of shimmer. If you decide to make your own planner stickers, let me know!

For these metallic watercolor planner stickers I used:

  • label stickers (no particular brand)
  • rico design brush & white paperpoetry gel pen
  • fine-tec metallic watercolors
  • wow! heat tool (optional – I used this to dry the watercolor quickly)

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