handlettering & watercolor card: It would have been you

Another card for which I used a watercolor painting. I recently went through my entire stash of art supplies, and discovered some leftover paper. Usually paper is the quickest thing to run out, so I was happy to find a “lost” notepad. Turns out it didn’t work well with watercolors though. The colors wouldn’t mix properly, and the paper warped. For actual painting it won’t be useful, but for die cutting smaller pieces it turned out perfect.

I guess half the fun lies in finding ways to reuse ideas which didn’t go onto paper as planned. In fact, I’ve started to paint on top of old paintings I don’t like. It is beautiful in many ways: it salvages canvas, and moreover it is a simple way to convince myself that mistakes aren’t final. Instead, with a little creativity and care, I can transform them into something new, something I like. And that I can enjoy the process of it too, and stop seeing a mistake little by little. If I train myself to change my perspective – see the potential in the failure… would that not be wonderful?

The watercolors in this piece remind me of a small pond from my childhood. I’ve moved away from my childhood town, and over the holidays as I visited, I found myself thinking. Most of the places of my childhood have changed, like most of myself has changed. But underneath all that it is still the same place, same geography, same location. People and buildings come and go, the new replacing the old. But the feeling of it – it is still the same to me. It was both comforting and a bit strange: to know that I cannot go back, since the places don’t even exist any more. Thinking of how streets used to look like, and fields and little groves of trees that felt like forests to me… My memories have become timetravelling machines.

However, I am glad that the time that passed has shaped me – sometimes gently, sometimes rough. Just like my town, I am not the same, yet underlying it all: the same heartbeat, the same eyes looking at the world. Some of the same wonder, and some old dreams persistently woo me. I blush and nod and paint.

“If I had known what to ask for
it would have been you”

For this handlettering & watercolor card I used:


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