simple watercolor card: dream with me

Today’s card is a simple watercolor and handlettering card: dream with me.

I feel like I am branching out from “classic cards”, and I am not sure what that will mean longterm. When I started making cards, I wanted to make personalized birthday cards. Mainly because I was unhappy with the selection in stores, and because I wanted to pour more love into what little snail mail my friends receive. Soon, I added cards with different sentiments, but sometimes I wonder if this is making blogging and IG more difficult than it needs to be.

My mix of cards rarely provides inspiration for birthdays, holidays, thank-you notes… Instead they are cards which capture my feelings, wishes, hopes, dreams. Some of them are cards I made with special people in mind. Some of them are cards I in all likelihood would like to receive myself. To me, making cards has separated itself from specific occasions. Maybe the only thing my cards have in common with postcards any more is the format.

I think about this, and I worry a little bit – are my cards useless? I guess many of them would elicit a shrug and maybe a confused chuckle at best. They are not sensible greeting cards. But then again, I started making cards to make people I like smile. And the weird cards, the dream cards, the emotion cards – they make me smile. Maybe that is what truly matters? Maybe worrying about the “value” of cards is just another way to be concerned about “productivity”. It is a weird cult we seem to be trapped in as a society, that things must be of use.

Either way, I like making these. Even if they have no purpose, even if I can’t really do anything with them in some cases – even if I have no one I could send them to. They are my little prayers, my commentary or observations. My ways to vent or share my joy. And maybe that’s reason enough to keep making them.

For this watercolor & handlettering “dream with me” card I used:

  • blue cardstock
  • rico design brushes
  • pelikan watercolors
  • wow! heat tool (optional – I use this to dry the watercolors quickly)

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