watercolor and dies card: You & Me

I hope you had a good start into 2017. If you’re anything like me, you probably like the opportunity for a fresh start as well. It is true that you can start over virtually every day, but the turning of years marks an occasion to do so with vigor. Thus, I am back with full force, to get into my regular blogging schedule again.

Taking a bit of time off was a good move, at least judging by the way I feel now. The past few months have been stressful, and towards the end of 2016, I was starting to feel a bit depleted. There is only so much one can give – time, energy, help – before it becomes uncomfortable. I had strayed pretty far into that part of the spectrum. It is a privileged issue to have, but an issue non the less – I am glad I took on fewer commitments and focused on resting. However, now I am back and have been creating new cards that I can’t wait to share.

This card is a bit of an odd one. I had painted a couple of watercolor sheets some time ago, and wanted to use them with cutting dies for cards and journal decorations. Ever since I made that “HOPE”-card, I’ve always cut fully spelled out words. It helps to achieve a cohesive look when using patterend paper. To keep the cutting dies in place, I simply use a bit of tape. This way, I don’t need extra magnetic plates, and can still determine spacing and placement pretty accurately.

Plus, as you can see with this card, sometimes the cut out can double as its own picture. In fact, after I had cut the letters, I liked the negative so much, I was torn between turning it into an artjournal page, or another card. As you can see, the card won out. I smile every time I look at this card, unexpected outcomes like this one make me happy.

For this watercolor and dies card “you & me” I used:


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