simple handlettering & watercolor card “thanks”

I took a bit of a break from posting here and on IG… But am back with a simple watercolor card to say thanks.

In the days leading up to Christmas, I felt far too stressed. Somehow having time off all to quickly escalated into running errands pretty much every waking moment. Not very relaxing, and I am sure that wasn’t the purpose of this whole exercise. So I decided to take a break from… everything really. I spend a few blissful moments reading curled up on couches. I left my pens and watercolors stored away.

Then reality caught up with me. Holidays can be very crowded, as I tend to want to “do it all”. Cue sighs! But I feel better now, more balanced. I’ve been sorting through all my art supplies – my collection has somewhat exponentially grown in the past few months. Ideally, I would have found storage solutions before buying something new. I guess no one actually has it all perfectly figured out. Thus, I had to rearrange quite a bit. It’s a bit of a work in progress, to be honest. I’m not fully satisfied yet, but it’s getting there. It certainly beats the previous chaos 😉

Anyways – the highlight among my gifts is a finetec-palette of shimmer watercolors. I’ve been eyeing several of their palettes, and couldn’t be happier with the one I got. I’ve started to layer the colors on top of dried watercolors, and mixed them with wet watercolors as well. Both ways seem to work just fine, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. As per usual it will surely still take me a long time until I am comfortable with the new colors, but in the meantime I’m having a blast playing around. If you’re looking for pearl/ shimmer watercolors I definitely recommed these. For this card I combined the handlettering

For this simple handlettering & watercolor card “thanks” I used:

  • rico design brushes & paperpoetry cardstock
  • pelikan watercolors for the wreath
  • fine-tec shimmer watercolors for the handlettering
  • wow! heat tool (optional – I used this to dry the layers quickly)

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