watercolor & stamps: cards for friends

This one is going to be a very quick post – I made more cards using watercolors and stamps.

These cards were for very lovely friends of mine. I think especially with the holidays right around the corner it is easy to become too busy to stop and actually connect. For me, I’m having the first days off in a long time, but I was way too busy trying to set things up and running errands. Instead of catching up with friends and actually enjoying myself, I’ve stressed out over presents and organising everything for the upcoming days. Far from ideal, in my opinion.

Actually, I should have spend the time with friends, but it seems like everyone is stressing out. Isn’t that a bit sad? I remember Christmas & New Years being this magical time. There used to be cookies and lots of sleep, reading and meeting friends. It’s time to get back to that original feeling, I think. I’m not sure if I will stop the giving gifts thing in general. I like giving my friends presents, but it’s probably time to scale back a little bit. Why do we put this sort of pressure on ourselves? Always wanting everything to be bigger and brighter than the last time… The stress really isn’t worth it. Perfectionism kills.

The other day, I sat down and made these cards. I wrote letters to go with them as well, telling my friends how much they matter. After I had finished the cards and letters I felt lighter. Better about the days to come. Happier about the season. (I just waited until my friends let me know the cards arrived before putting them up here – I didn’t want to spoil the suprise)

That’s how I want to feel. Screw the big gifts. I want to tell the people who matter that they matter. I want to make them smile.

For these watercolor and stamp “to do: believe” card I used:

  • white cardstock
  • pelikan watercolors
  • rico design brushes
  • no name clear stamps (bought off ebay)
  • wow! heat tool, embossing pad & embossing powder in gold rich regular

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