bulletjournal weekly: carry me home

Here’s my bulletjournal spread for the current week, “carry me home” themed.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, preparing the week’s bujo is turning into a bit of a Sunday ritual. This time around I wanted to leave a lot of space for watercolors. It’s great that Canson notebooks can take a lot of water without disintegrating. However, I have noticed that it will bleed through a little bit, so I have to leave blanks inbetween watercolored pages. It’s not an issue for me though, since these notebooks are just for practice anyways.

If you look at the entries you can see that I am planning ahead for getting all holiday shopping done… Apparently I know myself really well, since today I actually forgot a handful of presents. So I’ll brave the crowds again tomorrow, maybe even Tuesday, In hopes of getting things sorted by then. I’m not very happy with how much about the holidays is about giving gifts. Nevertheless I enjoy picking presents for friends, and am really excited about giving them gifts.

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t actually made Christmas cards yet, hence the big reminder for Wednesday. It’s about time I got started, but really, I haven’t felt the holiday spirit so far. I think I am only slowly starting to grasp the full on stress of grown-up Christmas season. I’m pretty much stretched thin between buying presents for a lot of people, travelling to visit said people, and year end preparations. Ideally, I would have time to slow down and take stock of 2016, make plans for the upcoming year, and just relax. Realistically there will be way too many things on my mind (and in my calendar), but I am trying to get some relaxing in regardless.

Let’s all make the last few weeks of 2016 as kind and polite as possible. I for one will try extra hard to smile at the sales people, fellow shoppers, and stressed parents in the streets. And I am looking forward to coming home after the holidays, all cozy and relaxed once the Christmas frenzy is over with.

For this bulletjournal weekly “make plans” spread I used:

  • sketchbook: Canson One Art Book 14×21.6 cm
  • pelikan watercolors
  • rico design brushes, paperpoetry white gel pen, glitter glue
  • clear stamps (no brand, bought on ebay)
  • washi tape (no brand, bought on ebay)
  • staedtler pigment liners
  • wow! heat tool & embossing powder (clear sparkle embossing glitter)
  • zig emboss scroll & brush pen

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