watercolor card: I watch the stars

I made another watercolor card: I watch the stars & see you running with them.

It’s been not that long ago that I started blogging – a little over 3 months now. I am still trying to find my voice, my way of putting words out to the world. There are some cards where it is easier, and some where it is harder. I struggle, and likely fail often. But I keep going, because I want to stop being so afraid of sharing my creations. Maybe for you it has always been a natural thing to share what you enjoy. If that is the case, I am happy for you.

For me, it has been a long journey. And it isn’t over by any means. Quite the opposite, the more art I create, and share, the more ideas seem to come to me, the bigger my hunger gets. It feels like coming home. And yet… There are so many doubts. Questions. Insecurities. Like old acquaintances, they knock on my doors, whisper through windows. On occastion, I get too tired to tell them “Go away”. So I let them in, weary, hoping they won’t break anything. Inevitably, the aftermath shows me I should’ve never let them in. But such is life, and we can’t always be strong.

I came across the “stars”-themed card challenge on danipeuss.de, and immediately knew which card I wanted to make.

For this card, it is beyond difficult to share. It is both immesurably sad and happy. It is the biggest goodbye, and the most joyful laughter. A life richly lived.

Watercolor seemed so perfect right away. I wanted a whimsical feeling (to avoid things getting too heavy). I used a masking pen to draw the stars. Once I had dried them, I added water and watercolors on top. The sentiment is a butchered quote from Marcus Aurelius – this version felt more fitting to me.

For this watercolor card “I watch the stars & see you running with them” I used:

  • canson watercolor paper
  • masking pen
  • pelikan watercolors
  • rico design brushes & paperpoetry white gel pen
  • wow! heat tool (optional – I used this to dry the layers quickly)

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