handlettered card: a cup of sleep, please

Every single year it seems to be the same rush in December. This handlettered card “a cup of sleep, please”, pretty much sums up my current state of mind.

There comes a point where no hot beverage in the world can keep me going. Ideally, we would all be getting 7+ hours of sleep at night, but in reality there’s just too much to do. Balancing all commitments – job, hobbies, blog, relationships – just seems to be a bit too much these days. Honestly, I am happy if I can manage getting through stressful days halfway sane. I know that there’s a lot of people who at this point in december have already put up all decorations and bought thoughtful gifts for all friends. Me? Not so much. My christmas decorations are still in boxes, I’ve done less than a quarter of all requires christmas shopping.

I am pretty much just trying to keep going until I am finally on holiday. And I am in active denial about all the work I will have to do until then. Really it is a one-day-at-a-time struggle at the moment. There’s a point when you get really frustrated with all “productivity hacks” and articles about how to improve outputs. I’ve found that for me it works best to sleep well, and to actually have about 4 hours of free time every evening. Otherwise work starts to consume every waking hour – affecting my quality of sleep and life in general. We are not machines, and I am not willing to turn myself into one.

Anyways, I’ve noticed that it is really difficult for me to start on bigger projects (paintings, art journal pages etc.) when I am this pressed for time. I can only hope that things will calm down a little bit after New Years.

For now I will content myself by dreaming and making plans for my holidays… I can’t wait to have the time for more art again!

For this handettered “a cup of sleep, please” card I used:

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