bulletjournal weekly: make plans!

Creating weekly spreads for my bulletjournal is quickly becoming one of my favourite ways to relax on Sundays. It is a small ritual, and feels oddly comforting. I can see myself making these each Sunday afternoon…

Strangely enough, I feel like having weekly spreads takes off the pressure to get things right. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out as intended, because after one week it will be obsolete anyways. Knowing that there’s a time limit on these pages makes it easier to go with new colors or designs. Whenever I am not sure if I will actually like a combination of colors, my go to response is picking “tried and true” colors. Needless to say, this sort of thinking is boring, and a bit self-defeating.

I’m not crazy enough to try and do daily spreads, as I know I won’t have the time to create and use them every day. But I love the sense of freedom that comes with weeklys. Since monthlys are in use longer, they definitely need to be a bit more put together. The weeklys will become more of a playground going forward.

I upload all the bujo spreads (either here or on instagram) in the early stages. What you see is the just-created, clean version. During the week or month I add the daily stuff, appointments and dates… eventually the pages end up being a bit messy. However, I like that they are allowed to be work in progress. They are of limited use, and don’t need to be perfect in any way. Life happens, and mostly it won’t go according to plan. Still it is fun to make plans, to set goals. Sometimes it won’t work out, but that won’t stop me from trying.

For this bulletjournal weekly “make plans” spread I used:

PS: If you look closely, you will see a sneak peek of an upcoming insta upload. I’m having so much fun creating these small watercolor paintings.

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