watercolor & embossing card: I knew I loved you then

When I get obessed with something, I get obsessed. This watercolor & embossing card “I knew I loved you then” is another product of my latest art obsession: embossing.

I still haven’t figured the process out fully, as you can tell by the different textures of the embossed words. Some have turned out beautifully, others slightly pebbly. But still, I am happy with the progress I am making. And I still feel the same sort of excitement when I get the embossing tools out, and plan a card/ piece. Maybe I will finally relax a little, and stress less over the outcomes.

It has really been a long love story of me and art – with all the ups and downs I can imagine. There have been years which retrospectively were wasted, not being creative. Art is medicine for me, balance, and in desperate moments: sanity. Art makes the world fade. When creating I am in my own universe. It is my favourite place, but it also used to be very, very lonely. I was taught to keep my art to myself, to “no bother” anyone else. Have you ever loved something very much, but very much just by yourself? Art was my imaginary best friend, always around, never visible to anyone but me. As we grow up, we’re taught to deny our “imaginary friends”, to lose the hobbies which aren’t deemed a good fit for building CVs.

Maybe that is the reason it hit me so hard when I met someone who actually asked: What makes you happy? Who genuinely wanted to know what makes me happy.

I had not known that question. That was some time ago, and all I can say is: Hold on to people who ask these questions. These are the people you want in your life. They will want to know painful things, they will want to understand what makes you cry, how you feel on Thursday nights at 3 a.m., when you can’t sleep. But they will also point out when the sky is your favourite color, and they will know your favourite flowers. You will come to know the scent of their skin, and it will remind you of love and drifting back to sleep at night.

Hold on to these people, and whisper to them: I knew I loved you then.


For this watercolor & embossing card “I knew I loved you then” I used:

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