“and she felt safe” watercolor & embossing card

As I mentioned in my last post – I’ve been painting up a storm. This “and she felt safe” card is another combination of watercolors and embossing.

I’m still trying to get the hang of embossing. I am using an embossing pen to write, but I am not 100% sure about the comparatively broad tip. Using embossing ink with a brush seems to be more intuitive to me, but we’ll see. I’ve tried different papers for embossing too, and on watercolor paper doesn’t seem to be particularly easy to get an even result. It might need some more practice and experimenting to find a middle ground. Maybe youtube will have some answers on how to avoid getting pebbly results?

Either way, it is so much fun to emboss, nevermind the actual outcome. I have to admit though that actually the best part about this addition to my craft supplies is the reduced drying time on watercolors. If you follow me on Instagram you will see a couple of smaller watercolor pieces pop up that don’t warrant full blogposts. It is just so immensely helpful to be able to fully dry paintings in a few minutes, since it allows me to stay in flow. This way, I can focus on creating without the hassle.

This card’s idea came to me suddenly, while I was working on something else. I immediately knew for whom I was painting, the colors, the sentiment. Sometimes it is like getting a full download of an idea. This is for a dear friend of mine. But I wasn’t even fully done, when the next idea struck me, so I will turn this into a series. I didn’t have much time and wanted to finish this card, so I just jotted down the ideas. I need to write down colors, words, cryptic descriptions, sort of my personal shorthand to keep the thoughts. Otherwise ideas will pass through like visitors, and leave nothing but ghostly footsteps…

For this “and she felt safe” watercolor & embossing card I used:

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