watercolor and embossing card: joy

So I caved. It is this close to christmas, and yet I decided to buy an embossing starter kit. This simple “joy”-card is my first foray into combining watercolor and embossing.

I love the promise of new tools, and giving myself the chance to experiment a litte. It can be easier to jump into things knowing full well that you’re a beginner. None of the results have to be “perfect”, in fact, every little progress you make seems amazing and cool. I wish I could keep this feeling, and maybe it is part of the reason why I long for new tools and colors so often. After some time the initial infatuation passes, and I start to look at the pictures with more critical eyes. I get annoyed when things don’t work out, and my inner perfectionist starts to take over. Not my best feature, I have to say.

For the future – actually I should make this a new year’s resolution – I want to try and stay in that playful phase longer. Exploring a medium, experimenting with it. Aiming for the joy of the process instead of perfection of an outcome. For this card that was exactly what happened. Additionally, the embossing heat tool changes the most annoying part of using watercolors for me: the drying time is reduced to a few minutes. Rejoyce, impatient souls! Usually, I let watercolors dry over night, because the paper needs to properly dry before adding lettering. But who wants to wait that long to contine working on a project?!

This time around I painted the watercolors, then used the heat tool for a minute or two, and the paper was good to go. I didn’t think it would have much of an impact on my overall process… But I underestimated how much it changes if you can use the momentum and keep creating. My embossing starter kit came with both an embossing ink pad and an embossing pen. I had to use the pen first, out of curiosity. I wanted to start with a simple word, so I picked “joy”. It didn’t turn out perfect – I think the paper is probably not the best for this, but I love it anyways. I’ve been painting up a storm and love the watercolor and embossing combo, you’ll see a lot more of this in the future.

For this watercolor and embossing card “joy” I used:



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