believe in your dreams watercolor card (using stamps)

In I have to say I wasn’t sure about sharing this believe in your dreams watercolor card.

The watercolor circle is from the same batch as my dream big cards. I still really love the colors. But the rest… oh the rest. Somehow it just didn’t come together as envisioned. I had this idea about how this card would look, and I just can’t shake it. In comparison the actual result looks… uninspiring.

I can’t even say what bums me out so much over this particular card. It might actually be something that’s not even related to the card itself. Do you ever have weeks where things just feel off? Like every day has these little trip ups: missing a step on stairs. Bumping into furniture that has been in the same place for ages. Every train you need to take is delayed by 5 mins. Nothing that is more than a minor inconvenience, but the small things pile up.

Ah, the frustation of times like this: I criticize endlessly. Nothing I do feels right. But the trick is to keep going. I’ve been through days, weeks, months of this feeling often enough. One day I will wake up and it will be gone – like a season. It feels almost unchanging, just suble nuances of change, until one day the first snow unceremoniously announces winter. So I wait for this season to pass. And I make cards anyways.

I keep painting, and writing, and making cards, because I don’t want my moods to take the act of creating from me. Because every time I design something, there is a moment in time that stretches: and in that moment I find joy. I get to escape from reality in the best way possible: by changing it. By seeing with my own eyes how I arrange and paint and polish something into existence. It seems so obvious, and still I get giddy every time I really think about it.

So, yeah, I might not be the happiest over how this card turned out. But I still enjoyed making it. And for now, that will have to be enough.

For these believe in your dreams watercolor card I used:


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