dream big watercolor cards (using stamps)

Ever since I first used watercolors for creating a card, I’ve been wanting to do more watercolor cards. I’ve been painting up a storm of abstract watercolors, not knowing how exactly I would use them.

For these dream big watercolor cards I decided I wanted to pair watercolors with stamps. Handlettering cards is a lot of fun and very personal, but in a rush nothing beats stamps. To cut the painted watercolor background I used simple circle cutting dies.

The stamps are from a clear stamp set. The best things about clear stamps is how you can see precisely where you are stamping when using them! I buy mostly alphabet stamps, but I found a couple of irresistable sentiment stamp sets online and had to get them. I am not sure if I might tire of them, but if I do I will just give them away. Until then I am having a lot of fun using them for different things (bulletjournal, art journal, little reminders, cards…)

I use to be quite sceptical of getting a “ready made” design as a stamp, because I thought it would take away from the creative process and freedom… somehow a bit like cheating or taking a shortcut. But then I realized how limiting that thought was. Why should it be less creative when I try to figure out the best way to place a stamp, or to combine stamps from sets? As it is often the case, the only limitations were in my mind. And now, since I let them go, I can relax and enjoy all the beautifully designed stamps I’d like.

I think some of these limiting thoughts are based on my lack of art education. I’ve always loved arts, and have painted since I was a child but due to several reasons, I never pursued any professional art education. Online, it is so easy to see all these awesome, “officially” creative people: graphic designers, painters, photographers. Occasionally it makes me feel very small. I am in awe of anyone who pursues a creative career, and am cheering for each of them. I just find it difficult to be very confident about my own creations. But I am working on it, and actually having this blog is a huge step for me.

Likewise, I want to encourage you to share too. What you create matters. If it makes you happy, that is reason enough to keep creating. Dream big. And then take small steps. They will get you to where you want to be.

For these dream big watercolor cards I used:




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