bulletjournal december 2016 “create more”

In different ways I used journals for years – daily planners with lists of homework, diaries, small notebooks that I carried around whereever I went. All of these were great to get thoughts out of my head, to let things go.

And then, a few years ago, I tossed 10+years worth of journals. They felt alien to me, a language I don’t speak anymore, a person I no longer am anymore. It seems radical, and I never thought I could do that. I spend so much time and memories and energy to create them. But I no longer even felt connected to that past – at least not to the day to day life of me then. Why was I hanging on to all that paper? The big memories were stored elsewhere. The big a-ha moments shaped me, but their echo is my life now.

I’ve switched my journalling practice time and time again, but have since settled on a format I enjoy. For more than a year I’ve used a specific brand of notebooks – Canson’s one art. Their hardbound A6 is the one I use these for my daily musings and quick sketches and take it whereever I am going. In addition, I use a spiral bound A6 as an art journal, where I make small collages on specific topics. This is also where I keep photos and tickets from events – the special events in life.

When I am planning any cards and handlettering, I use a bigger format, spiral bound. The paper quality is quite good: even some watercoloring won’t ruin it, pens & inks won’t feather into it. And the way I go through these – my daily journals are replaced roughly every quarter – makes the price point important as well. All in all, I love these books.

But… I felt like my free-flow journalling left out some aspects: I never got a decent calendar/ schedule going. I can’t commit to using daily planners, mostly they feel awkward or plain uninspiring. My google calendar will only go so far. So I thought I’d try bullet journalling – mostly since it is such an open format, and I can adapt it to my liking.

This is my bulletjournal december monthly spread, blue-themed. I usually wouldn’t start mapping out an upcoming month this early, but really all the christmas stuff keeps piling up. Honestly, I felt like I was starting to lose track of all commitments. So far I like it, and I am curious to see how it holds up over the next few weeks.

For this bulletjournal december 2016 monthly spread I used:

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