TOTAL BABE! DIY card design

I love my friends to bits. Really, they are the most kind, awesome, smart and deserving people I know. In an ideal world, they would have ALL the things they love, and we would be a big happy family.

But unfortunately, real life is a bit rougher around the edges, and occasionally knocks us down. It’s easy to forget in times of highlight reels such as insta, that daily routines aren’t glamourous. That doing laundry happens more often than fancy brunches, just like being home happens more often than dream vacations. I feel like 2016 has been a bit of a tougher year for a lot of my friends. Of course there have been amazing things going on as well, but a lot of big upheavals as well.

However, what has remained the same, even gotten stronger, is the sense of community among us. We pool our resources. We support one another. Everyone throws in what they’re best at, and everyone has uniquely beautiful skills. There has been more opening up as well, more vulnerability, and I love it so much. It can be so difficult to open up like that, but every single time I’ve gone through a moment like that, I came out of it a better version of myself. I’d like to think that I have helped my friends and provided that sort of a safe zone for them as well.

Despite these words, I occasionally doubt if I tell them how much they mean to me often enough. Sure, there’s plenty of heart emojis we throw around, but if push comes to shove, do they KNOW? So… I make cards. This is the first one, but I will make more. I will write about their beauty and strengths, their love and how they inspire me.

Let people you love know. Life’s hard enough sometimes, let’s at least make it as beautiful as possible too.

For this “TOTAL BABE!” card I used:

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