“It felt heavy long enough” watercolor galaxy card

Ever since I tried that first very simple watercolor background for a card, I’ve been itching to do more. This time around, I went for a watercolor galaxy card!

I’ve loved galaxy prints ever since they first started to appear a few years back… They remind me of my 14-year-old nerdy self. I had a phase when I was pretty into astronomy and the vastness of space. In comparison, it made everything else appear so small. I guess that’s a good thing when you’re stuck in middle school and really want a break from the teenage drama. But I digress.

To find out how to paint galaxies using watercolors I checked out a bunch of different tutorials on youtube. The tip I saw repeated the most was to add layers of colors before any black. I taped down the watercolor paper so it wouldn’t warp from using liberal amounts of water, and went at it. It really is easier than it seems. The only issue I have with this sort of painting is that you never know 100% how it will turn out. It is more of a collaborative approach, both water and paint seem to have a mind of their own. Plus, waiting for the paper to dry down before being able to go ahead is quite a challenge for me. At least I could correct some of the minor mishaps by adding water.

I think it is a technique that I will become more comfortable with, given some time and practice. I did like the outcome, especially after adding “stars” with white acrylic paint. However, I didn’t plan the handlettering, instead just sort of going for it. Honestly, I am not very happy with how it turned out. The spacing is awkward, but I can’t very well correct it. I guess it will just have to stay as it is, flaws and all. I love the sentiment though, and it is so meaningful to me.

Some things we carry with us for the longest time, almost forgetting how they weigh us down. How we hold our breaths, how we don’t fully seem to live. But it gets better, and maybe someday you wake up and know deep in your bones: It felt heavy long enough. It is okay to let it go. Breathing in, your lungs fill with fresh air for the first time in forever. It is okay to let it go.

For this “It felt heavy long enough” watercolor galaxy card I used:

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