handlettered birthday bat card

Any excuse to make something bat-shaped is by default awesome! I was thinking about making a small birthday card and thought I could try making a handlettered birthday bat card.

I wanted to try cutting the bat shape out of the card in a way that allows me to actually make two cards – I think that worked out ok. It is quite simple in theory: draw half the bat on the card, then cut it out in one go. However, I found it quite difficult to get clean cuts with my paper scissors. I might need to invest in some fine point scissors in the future. A design like this is a bit limited in terms of details, but I sort of liked that. It is a small, fun birthday card after all. I haven’t fully decided what to do with the “silhouette” card yet, but there’s one or two ideas I’m considerung.

But back to the birthday card at hand! I added handlettering inspired by the font of Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas – it fit both the card and the recipient perfectly. First I used a pencil to sketch in the letters, then filled them in with a white gel pen. Just for fun I added some small drawings of bats, a moon and stars. It was a very simple card to make, but I love how it turned out. This sort of card – cutting out half of a shape – is easily adaptable to any symmetrical, simple design. I like how customizable and personal it is, same with adding a specific kind of font.

This card was so much fun to make! I would love to do a bunch of them, haha. I think they would also be great as gift tags… So maybe I’ll do more of them for this holiday season.

For this handlettered birthday bat card I used:

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