handlettered card: rare creatures

For this handlettered “rare creatures” card I broke out old watercolors. I get really excited for new craft supplies, but old ones often gather dust. Inevitably, I will see artwork that is really inspiring, go on youtube binges and dream of mastering a specific technique or medium. Then I buy a couple of supplies, and cherish them, use them a lot, even daily… until the next obsession strikes.

I love how there are always new things to discover.  Constant inspiration is great. However, I have started to feel exhausted. I’ve purged my closet about three times in the last year alone, same with my beauty products. But my art and craft supplies have continued to pile up. It seems a to be a good time for a change. So for this rare creature card I wanted to start using what I have, opposed to buying something new. No new cutting dies, no new paper. Just stuff from my drawers. It was actually fun! I haven’t used watercolors to create backgrounds in forever. Unfortunately, the paper I used turned out to hold little water and the colors didn’t blend as beautifully as I had hoped for. But I enjoyed the process of painting.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I painted a couple more backgrounds, which I will surely use for more cards to come! Art seems to be much like riding a bike: if you’ve practiced it once, you can always go back to it. It might feel a bit wobbly if you’ve taken a long break, but eventually you will hit your stride again. It is a simple joy. I think I should maybe “resurrect” old supplies more often. It is good to appreciate what you already have, over longing what you might get soon.

Anyway, for this handlettered rare creatures card I first taped down some watercolor paper. After brushing on some water, I added blue and red watercolor to create a bleeding effect. The hardest part was waiting for the paper to dry fully (I let it dry over night)! I am simply too impatient once I have an idea stuck in my head. Afterwards, I added the rare creatures handlettering. It seemed a bit empty, so I chose to add feathers to frame the words. This card with watercolors and heavy flourishes was a bit outside my comfort zone, but it was fun to make. Expect more watercolors in the future!

For this “rare creatures” card I used:

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