handlettered card: well, nevermind

“Well, nevermind”.

I feel like there are seriously weird vibes in the air at the moment. So many miscommunications, weird conversations turned into almost-fights. Really, I am so tired I could just sleep for days until the crazy is over.

Since that’s not a valid option for adults (sadface), I guess I will just have to keep going. Sarcasm isn’t really my first choice anymore, but occasionally it is the most satisfactory way to respond. At least until I remember how close sarcasm and sounding simply defeated are to each other. That’s one of the reasons I gave up heavy sarcasm in the past couple of years, but old habits die hard. Especially when hungry, exhausted or under pressure I sometimes revert into my old self. I guess it is progress to be semi-aware of this?

However, I prefer to at least make something out of those moods and thoughts, so here’s another handlettered card. I love simple designs, as you may have noticed. They are easy to do, and pack a punch – fave.

For this “well, nevermind” card I used:

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