handlettered card: emotional needs

This card was supposed to be an ironic thing. And then life hit me quite hard.

However, it helps to laugh about perceived flaws sometimes. It has forced me to reconsider my touchy relationship with asking for help. I have a really hard time asking for support. Mostly I am convinced that I can sit things out, as in: if I ignore it long enough, it’ll pass, so many other things will happen, all the feels will get crowded out within a week. At any rate, I’d likely be better off not trying to lone wolf my way through the tough stuff… but that’d require me to actually speak up.

Over the past weeks, my close circle of friends has been invaluable. I have laughed and reminisced with them. We swapped stories and talked about life and loss. All of them have been patient and understanding, and full of nothing but love. I’m a big believer of going through fire for my closest friends, and I know they’d do the same for me. Sometimes asking is the hardest part. From there on out, it gets easier.


So it seems like this card is a joke if it makes you laugh, and at the same time a valiation of what’s going on with being human, if that laugh turns a bit hysterical and you really need a hug. Life can be messy, and knock the breath out of you. Just… accept that occasionally you will need help, hot chocolate, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to past midnight. It comes with the territory of being an actual person, opposed to an instagram highlight reel. If it makes you feel better, you can pretend to be really ironic about it. Not that I’d know anything about that, ha.

For this “emotional needs” card I used:

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