“YES!” minimalist white & gold card

These two cards were simple and quick to make. Gold has really been a favourite color of mine in creating cards so far. It just instantly adds a lot of contrast and I love the reflections. Personally I prefer silver for jewellry, but sadly on cards it just doesn’t pop as much.

So gold it is, as for these white & gold YES! cards. The idea was really simple, and I love getting two cards out of preparing only one die cut. To achieve this look, I arranged the letters on the gold cardstock and held them in place with small strips of tape. I do this most of the time to make sure I get an accurate cut for photos, or if I want a specific piece of a pattern to be visible. I’ve seen magnetic plates that promise to hold cutting dies in place, but I’m a big fan of simple solutions. A small bit of tape is really all you need to make sure your cuts are precise. I then cut the letters and added an exclamation mark for the second card.


As always, I eyeballed the placement on the cards.

I think these cards are great as replies to friends’ invitations. Also, looking at a bright gold yes! makes me smile – maybe I should keep one of these for myself…

For the “YES!” white & gold cards I used:


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