handlettered black card: leave no hearts unbroken

Another handlettered card today! Sometimes I wish I had a talent for music… “Leave no hearts unbroken” is a line that would be perfect in a song, don’t you think? But since I sadly don’t have a famous band I turned it into a card instead.

I think black cards might become my new favourites. There’s always such a nice contrast going on, and it’s easy to make very punchy cards. This one is probably a bit on the busier side, but I still like how it turned out. To be honest, backgrounds like this rose pattern are a bit outside my comfort zone. There’s a lot of beautiful prints out there, but for my personal stuff I usually prefer to stick to simple colors, maybe pictures. Prints feel a bit too bold and intimidating. But somehow I fell in love with this one, and just knew I had to combine it with this line. I tried to balance the wild pattern by cutting it into a very simple geometrical shape. I think I can only try one new thing at a time!

Ever since I wrote about trying handlettering for the first time it has become something of a secret obsession. I’ll jot down ideas for new handlettered cards at random times throughout the day. I even dream of new handlettered words sometimes – I guess my brain can get quite focused on new things, haha. Despite the short time I think I’ve made some progress, from my first simple handlettering to adding flourishes and now to mixing different handtypes. It is a lot of fun, especially since there are no real rules to follow. I can experiment to my hearts content, and decide what works well enough to turn it into an actual card. Plus, I love how all you need to get started with handlettering is a pen and some paper – you can start there and slowly work your way through different pen & brush types, and surfaces to write on.

There will be a twin card to this one coming soon, and I can’t wait to share more handlettering here!

For this “leave no hearts unbroken” handlettered black card I used:

  • rico design black cardstock from the paperpoetry line
  • rose patterened origami paper (I don’t remember the brand unfortunately)
  • rico design white gel pen
  • staedtler pigment liner in 0.2

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