“love hope joy” simple black & gold card

Since I’ve started making cards, more and more ideas seem to rush to me. They come during the day, in quiet moments, or sometimes at night while I am asleep. I write them down now, every single time, otherwise they will slip through my fingers. This black and gold “love hope joy” card was one of those ideas.

Sometimes the finished design is simply there, and all I do is arrange things to mirror the original thought. Sometimes the process is less straightforward. But without fail, new ideas come. This is the great joy of creating things to me. For this particular card I knew I wanted to use black and gold, because I love the contrast.

love hope joy heart black gold card

I started with the words – love, hope, joy. These words are anchors and reminders of what to focus on… I used one of my favourite die sets for the letters, and I love how the words came out. What’s especially great about this set is that it contains not only the alphabet but a bunch of punctuation marks and numbers as well. The added heart is a bonus!

As always, I eyeballed the placement of the letters on the card. I should probably start measuring the placements of letters, but I tend to rush through the last steps in making cards, always curious about the finished outcome. Getting more patient is one of those things I should work on.

For the “love hope joy” black & gold card I used:

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