handlettered “hearts up north” winter card

I loved the color scheme of my last winter card so much, I decided to do another one. This hearts up north card is just as minimalist with lots of white space.

The idea for this card actually started with the words – I’ve always loved the north. While the long, dark winters aren’t a lot of fun after the first month or two, I still can’t deny the appeal of the land. There is something quietly stunning, a steady calm to it. I was born in the north, and while I love to travel I love to return just as much. In my youth I moved cross-country, across continents, rebelliously. But after some time the north always starts calling me, tugs at me insistently until I return.  I am pretty sure I will always return, and can see myself living here happily until I am old.


For this card I chose a photograph with the cold blue tones that had beautiful water and mountains in it. The compass die is one of my favourites from a spellbinders set! It is a bit difficult to combine, but I love it as a standalone. Especially in combination with photographs it looks amazing.

I planned the handlettering in a notebook – and tried a fancy embellishment for the first time! It was fun to do, but I definitely needed the extra security of doing a sketch first, so I could figure out the placement and size. Embellishments always look so effortless when I see others do them, but they don’t come naturally to me. It is a bit difficult to “go with the flow”, and yet have something interesting going on instead of just drawn out lines. I loved the process though, and I guess it will get easier (and the designs will get bolder) with practice. As always I find it hardest to just start, but once I’m in, I get quite stubborn and enthusiastic. There will be more handlettered cards in the future…

hearts up north winter card

“Hearts up north” winter card:

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