minimalist winter dreams card

As with home decor, I gravitate towards minimalism in cards as well. There is something about lots of white space I find soothing, and I come back to it quite often. Making simple cards like this winter dreams card gives me a calm kind of joy, which I really need in life right now.

There is something very subjective to which colors we find pleasing, and which combinations we tend to get back to. I’ve always loved blue colors and cool whites, they give a soothing vibe that tones down my go-getter side. I can see the appeal of warm, sunny colors or energetic reds, however they amp me up way too much to seriously consider them for any art on display.

This winter dreams card is experimental in a way, since I chose not to add any sentiment to it. While I was making it, it felt more like something I might’ve added to my art journal or possibly added to a gallery wall. I really enjoyed this creating for creating’s sake instead of having a specific outcome planned. This sort of free flow of inspiration needs more space in my life. I will definitely try to be more open to it in the future! I tend to live in my head a lot, meaning I have very specific ideas about outputs, but sometimes it weighs me down. Giving myself permission to be playful and try new things or unusual things helps me to relax; I could literally feel the tension seeping out of my shoulders.

For this card I used:

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