handlettering & colorful confetti birthday card design

This birthday card features a colorful confetti fashion picture – pretty uncharacteristic for me!

But there are few occations that warrant celebration and vivid colors like a friend’s birthday, right? I came across the picture in a magazine ad, and immediately decided I needed to use it for a birthday card. I love it when I get to “upcycle” visual art like that. Looking through magazines or getting prints of pictures is a great way to customize any card, or to make a unique design. For this card I started out with cropping the picture to a fitting size, and glueing it to the card.

Next I added lines and measured out the placement to stamp happy birthday with one of my favourite alphabet stamp sets. The gold watercolor adds to the overall playful and celebratory design. I like to use watercolors to stamp – simply because I have a greater choice of colors & it works out flawlessly. Just apply the watercolor to stamps using a brush, making sure that there’s not too much water to dilute the color. It’s a bit of trial and error at first, but once you know the right consistency it’s super easy to use.

For adding the “babe”-handlettering I used the same color, and a fine tipped brush. I’m really enjoying the processes of learning and practicing handlettering. There’s literally too much inspiration to ever go through online, and so many interesting styles. Especially videos or gifs help so much in getting an understanding of how handlettering and certain techniques work. My own handlettering is quite basic in comparison, but that’s okay with me. We all need to start somewhere, right?

I used:

  • white cardstock
  • cropped picture from a magazine
  • alphabet stamp set from rico design’s paperpoetry line
  • Pelikan gold watercolor from an old watercolor set
  • fine tipped brush from rico design

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