handlettered labels for homemade jam

My boyfriend and I receive a lot of homemade, delicious foods from his family every time we visit. Our favourite is always the sweet jam of which some are even made with homegrown, handpicked fruit! The flavours range from traditional – like raspberry jam – to the exotic: featuring kiwis, mangos or ginger. Suffice to say we’re always stoked to try whatever our family comes up with.

Since our kitchen is quite small, we use open shelving for storing unopened jars. That means the food is always on display. On the one hand it’s neat, because we pretty much always know what we still have; but on the downside it can quickly seem cluttered. I simply prefer a more streamlined look than the variety of recycled jars of different sizes and colored caps.


I knew I wanted to tackle this particular area of the kitchen & thought that the easiest way to tie all different jams together would be to simply create a bunch of pretty, similar-yet-different labels.

Using different kinds of handlettered labels keep things interesting while sticking to b&w colors creates a consistent theme. These labels showcase the quirky flavour combinations and update the overall look super quickly & easily! The last thing I did was adding a paper cover for the lids. They’re very simple: just cover the lid with semi-soft paper and add an elastic. Cut the edges at about 1.5cm, and then scrunch the paper up to cover the elastic – that’s all!

I love how these turned out, and will definitely do more labels for future homemade foods.


I used:

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