DIY Card design: Power Babe! (with faux calligraphy)

This “power babe” card is another card I made – it was a very easy & fun small project.

Sometimes I come across interesting colors or backgrounds in magazines, and in this case I cut out an exclamation mark. I really liked the punchy vibe from it, and the weird color of the subway tile.

The words came together quickly – I like using stamps for a lot of things – journalling, my art journal and now making cards too. But I hadn’t tried any handlettering before, so I decided to just try and see how it goes. It was a lot of fun & I definitely want to do more of it!

This card is very easy to make:

  1. Pick any cardstock you like. I picked a single card (not folded) in plain white.
  2. Find an interesting background or picture from a magazine & cut it in the shape of an exclamation mark. You can use either scissors or a cutting machine with a circular and a rectangular die.
  3. Eyeball the placement of the exclamation mark & glue it onto the card.
  4. Time for stamps 🙂 I wanted to get a bit of a messy look, so I didn’t measure out the spaces for stamping “power”. However, I did start by stamping the middle letter “w” first, so the placement of the word would be somewhat centered.
  5. Last I added the word “babe” by first writing it with a thin fineliner and than adding thicker lines on some downward strokes. This is the easiest way get a faux handlettering/ calligraphy look.
    And that’s it!

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