a minimalist birthday card design



Tbh, I dread sending birthday cards, because it is so difficult to find cards that will appeal to me and the recipient!)…

It is so impersonal to pick just any card at a store. So this time around I decided to make a birthday card for a lovely friend of mine. Here we go!

DIY #minimalist birthday card

  1. Start with a card & envelope set of cardstock in a color you enjoy.
  2. Cut out a circle from color cardstock – preferably in a color that reminds you of your friend!
    I used a cutting/ embossing machine for cutting the circle, but you can just as well use round object to trace a circle onto the cardstock and cut it out by hand.
    My friend reminds me of summer night skies, so I picked a deep blue with sparkles for this card.
  3. Use a pencil to write “happy” across the circle. I used a white gel pen to trace the lines.
  4. Eyeball the placement of the circle on the card & glue it on.
  5. Measure out the placement & size of “birthday” on your card and get your stamps ready!
    Instead of buying tons of different color ink pads (which sadly dry out on me all the time 🙁 ) just use any colors you have: colored felt tip pens are great for this, as are water colors and even acrylics. Just remember to clean your stamp with a damp cloth right after stamping. For this card I used a silver water color from a set I’ve had since elementary school…
  6. The birthday card is finished. Let your card dry and add the well wishes for your friend!

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